Staff Contact Information

Arabian Horse Times
Phone: 1-800-ahtimes
Fax: 952-492-3228

Subscription Department



Ashley Gallun
Director of Creative and Organizational Development
Office: 480-516-7635
Charlene Deyle
Managing Editor
Cell: 612-816-3018
Deb Trebesch
Accounts Receivable
Office: 952-492-4544
Cell: 952-228-8771
Hannah Giesen
Production/Office Assistant
Office: 952-492-3213
Jody Thompson
Production Manager
Cell: 612-816-2895
Lara Ames
Cell: 952-492-3213
Mieke Opsteyn    
Abroad Production and Sales Associate    
Office: 32475287165
Melissa Pasicznyk
Graphic Design
Cell: 952-492-4553
Sara Thomas
Director of Finance & Administration
Office: 952-492-4554
Cell: 952-292-8212
Meaghan Estes
Show Operations & Media Support Specialist

Wayne Anderson
Senior Designer
Office: 612-751-6897
Lesley Blain Mazur
Advertising Account Executive
Cell: 608-751-2069