*** Dates as of 11/12/19 - subject to change


Issue #1 of 2019 - January Issue - Main Features: AEPA, Trainers

AEPA Page Counts & Materials DUE: December 7th

AEPA Brochure will print December 17th & mail first week of January

Remaining January materials DUE: December 17th

January Issue will start printing January 3rd

Issues will be distributed in Scottsdale


Issue #2 of 2019 - February Issue - Main Features: Reining, Scottsdale Preview

Final Page Counts/Materials DUE: January 15th

February Issue will start printing January 23rd

Issues will be distributed in Scottsdale

2019 Breeding Guide (Smaller booklet, same size as last year)

Final Materials DUE: January 7th will pre-print & mail with the February issue.


Issues #3 & 4 of 2019 - March/April (mail together) -

Main Features, will be split between issues:

Scottsdale Coverage, Breeding/In-Hand, Equitation, Hunter, Spotlight Stallions

Final Page Counts/Materials DUE: March 15th

Both Issues will be distributed at the World Cup, begins April 12th.


Issue #5 of 2019 - May Issue - Main Features: English, Rising Stars

Page Counts/Materials DUE: April 15th


Issue #6 of 2019 - June Issue - Main Features: Brazil, Western, Working Western, ABWC coverage

Page Counts & Materials DUE: May 10th


Issue #7 of 2019 – July Issue - Main Features: Youth, Southeast, Canada Preview

Page Counts - Final Position Requests to me by June 7th

Final Materials - Here by June 14th

Youth will print in both the July issue as well as a hard cover Youth Yearbook.

Both will be distributed at Youth Nationals, which begins July 21st.


Issue #8 of 2019 – August Issue - Main Feature: Magnum Psyche

Page Counts & Materials DUE: July 15th


Issues #9, 10, 11 and 12 of 2019 - (4 Separate) Issues - Main Feature: Pre-U.S. Nationals

The first issue’s final materials and pages counts are needed by: August 28th. This issue will be distributed at the Arabian Breeder Finals the last weekend in Sept. as well as at U.S. Nationals.)

The fourth & final issue materials are needed by: September 27th - must start printing no later than October 1st to delivered at U.S. Nationals before the show begins on October 19th.

Issues 2 and 3 will print as filled, between the first and last deadlines.

Issues 1 and 2 will mail together, and Issues 3 and 4 will mail together.


Issue #13 of 2019 – December Issue - Main Feature: U.S. Nationals Coverage

Page Counts & Materials DUE: November 17th