Arabian Horse Times

First Friday Flyer

Be part of the Arabian Horse Outreach Team and download your First Friday Flyer today!

Mission . . .

Envision’s aim is to promote the Arabian horse to new people. Within the publication’s pages are touching stories of individuals and their Arabian(s) taking action to make a difference in the lives of others, information regarding outreach programs and events, as well as farm and lesson listings.

The First Friday Flyer campaign was created with this same goal in mind, to help generate exposure for the Arabian horse and the community surrounding this versatile breed. The success of this campaign can only be achieved through the involvement of members within the Arabian horse industry. Participation is not limited to a specific group or individual, but is open to trainers, owners, youth and amateur exhibitors, local clubs, lesson programs and breeding farms.

First Friday Flyer (FFF) is an aid for participants to generate excitement surrounding the Arabian horse within their local communities and to attract business for their own farm or lesson program. Participants can effortlessly download a flyer the first Friday of every month to be distributed in their local area. The flyer will appear in a templated format with themes and layouts varying each month and will include a designated area for each farm/program’s own contact information and logo. Involvement in the FFF campaign includes posting and sharing on various social media outlets. Suggestions of social media posts include sharing the positive feedback from recipients of the flyer, as well as photographing and tagging locations of where the flyers are distributed. Participants are encouraged to be creative and have fun! By taking initiative, those who partake may also be featured in the next issue of Envision (and/or AHT).

Suggestions of local places to distribute flyers:

  •  Schools and school libraries
  • College campuses
  • Eye & Dental clinics and hospitals
  • Community bulletin boards (grocery stores, libraries, parks, senior centers)
  • Coffee shops
  • Hair salons, oil changing centers, anywhere with a waiting room
  • Post on local Facebook walls and sale listings
  • Radio ads and TV commercials