AHT's September Leader Of The Times

AHT's September Leader Of The Times

September Leaders Of The Times: Fire And Goldd

The decision to acquire Fire and Goldd (Afire Bey V x Brassmis, by Brass), was for Renee Pelzman and her daughter Morgan Runyon—their first purebred stallion purchase, from breeder Marty Shea—an easy one.

When Renee surprised her daughter several years ago with his Half-Arabian son Goldd Standard (“Digger”), Morgan was simply awed. “I had never seen a horse with so much presence, style and charm!” she shares. “He has a personality unlike any other and we became very quick friends.” Wanting to learn more about where Digger came from, Morgan found from her research that Fire And Goldd had produced quite a few fabulous horses with limited promotion and breeding. “At the time,” says Morgan, “I hadn’t really heard much about him, but had a friend who had bred his purebred mare to Fire And Goldd and gotten the most amazing colt, and I had bought a stunning 2-year-old filly also by him directly from the Sheas, which made my desire to have him even stronger.” As soon as she saw “Goldd”, a stunning, copper-penny colored stallion, she fell in love and knew she had to have him to make more incredible babies. With the help of Dwane Hankins, and the support of the Sheas, the mother/daughter team agree that making Fire And Goldd theirs was one of their best decisions ever made.

Giving Goldd his own pedestal and spotlight, there is a lot to love about him. “He consistently produces some of the most beautiful babies I’ve laid eyes on,” enthuses Morgan. “He is so incredibly handsome and easy to be around; his gentlemanly manners and even temperament speak volumes. He reminds me of Afire Bey V’s sire, Hucklebey Berry, so much—I’ll never forget our reaction when I put their pictures side by side, it was quite remarkable! Truly, he’s a complete joy to be around.” Renee agrees, “He is pretty much a throwback to Hucklebey Berry in phenotype and correctness, and he's a big puppy dog to be around. Now we know where Digger gets his donut addiction!”

With Fire And Goldd’s first foals hitting the ground under Morgan and Renee’s ownership, their excitement is palpable.We’ve bred six babies by him who are living at our farm,” shares Morgan, “and other local breeders have let us come see their babies, along with photos we’ve received from very excited breeders around the country!” Both are incredibly pleased with them, especially as they are from a variety of Arabian and Saddlebred bloodlines.

What physical traits does Fire And Goldd pass on to his progeny? Morgan and Renee echo his abilities to pass on his gorgeous, overall conformation; his most outstanding feature in terms of performance ability being his incredible long neck and laid-back shoulder which makes for easy bridling; strong, sturdy legs and feet, and a powerful hind end; as well passing on incredible expression with a beautiful, liquid eye.

As for Fire And Goldd’s future, Morgan says, Goldd will remain with Dwane at Colonial Downs Training Center for his care and management. The clinic we use for collection is only minutes away and they love him there. While I would love to see him shown, it’s not something that we feel is worth risking his safety on the road. His wellbeing is of the utmost importance, in my opinion. Besides, he has nothing to prove. His babies and their show records all speak for what an incredible sire he is.”

So, what’s next? In addition to planning next year's breedings and weaning babies that are on the ground, “We're always up to something,” says Renee. “Next year it will be showing yearling Goldd babies in addition to our regular show string. We are really looking forward to seeing them in the middle with Steve Heathcott in the open and Morgan in the amateur classes. Digger was Morgan's entree into the main ring halter world and now we're hooked!”