AHT's September Leader Of The Times

AHT's September Leader Of The Times

Leaders Of The Times: Candeman

In the year 2006, there were two major events involving the same name, but with two different spellings, and one affecting our industry way more than the other. One was the release of Christina Aguilera’s pop song “Candyman”, and the second, was the birth of the exquisite bay stallion, Candeman (Apollopalooza x Starkhana).

Candeman, who goes by Pal at home, is known for his kind and laid-back demeanor. He is also known for his loving personality, which is no coincidence since he was born on Valentine’s Day. It is just one of the best aspects about him. He is also visually breathtaking with an athletic build, a great neck and a beautiful bay coat.

Today Candeman’s current home is in Wisconsin with Renee Kramer at Red Tail Arabians, LLC. He was purchased by Kramer in 2008 from Rooker’s Training Stable, when she went looking for an English horse. Catching her eye, Kramer knew there was something special about him. “He was like a puppy dog at the stall,” Kramer shares, “but when Shawn got on him, could he move!” At the time he was not yet super trained, but he showed Kramer his potential in the arena with his movement and his beauty, proving he could be a contender in the show ring. Making the decision to purchase him, they have been a perfect match since.

The pair share many great experiences together, but one of Kramer’s favorites with her show partner was a few years ago. Candeman was coming back to the show arena after four years off due to an injury, and she was riding him at home in a western saddle and a snaffle a week before going to a small show. Her trainer at the time, John Golladay, asked Kramer if she brought her show suit. Showing in Park that day, Kramer was able to qualify for U.S. Nationals and later that year, went home with a top ten.

Candeman has successfully shown in Arabian English Pleasure and Park, earning regional championships and multiple top tens at U.S. Nationals. He will not be at U.S. Nationals this year, but, hopefully, make an appearance in 2019.

A superstar in the arena, Candeman has proven himself in the breeding barn as well. This should come as no shock, however, due to being the son of Apollopalooza, who is known for his exceptional goals. A Breeders Sweepstakes Sire, Candeman brings versatility to Red Tail Arabian’s breeding program, having successfully bred 28 foals. Kramer has found Candeman’s foals have been easy moving horses, as he has been able to bring athletic ability to the mares he has been crossed with, as well as his super sweet and laid-back personality. They’ve also acquired Candeman’s same love and willingness to learn.

Despite having some initial nervousness when originally considering breeding Candeman because he was on the smaller side, Kramer has found that the stallion carries the “Big Gene” … it just skipped him. His breeding success represents the versatile Arabian, his progeny earning titles in English, Country, Driving, Show Hack, Hunter, Native Costume and Sport Horse.

There is no denying the grace and elegance Candeman brings to the arena and his foals. He has become a staple member at Red Tail Arabians, LLC.