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AHT's October Leader Of The Times

Leaders Of The Times: CSP Gossip Girl … The Little Engine That Could

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, owner of Amazing Horse Woman, LLC, has been involved with Arabian horses now for about five years and became hooked like most others to this beautiful breed. She currently owns horses at her old home in Missouri and her new home in California.

In 2017, O’Reilly purchased CSP Gossip Girl (Vegaz x LA Pistola), also known as GG, at ChriShan Park in Missouri. Bred by Alicia and Eileen Scott, O’Reilly describes her favorite qualities about this beautiful 9-year-old Arabian English pleasure mare and new addition to her program, “Gossip Girl is like a wind-up toy; she’s a beautiful Vegaz daughter with his long neck and elegance; and boy, can she move! You bet she does. She is a sweet, petite, little beauty that literally moves with harmony and ease. She’s fun to watch.”

Acquired for her growing breeding program, CSP Gossip Girl joins O’Reilly’s two stallions: Affliction (Mamage x PSI Love U) with Jim Lowe at Lowe Show Horse Centre, and Life Inthe Fazt Lane (Vegaz x River Dance NA) with Chris Wilson at ChriShan Park. CSP Gossip Girl’s bloodline makes her essential, bringing in Vegaz and Matoi.

Wilson trained both Vegaz and Matoi, winning national championships on these famous sires. “She may be the most like Matoi out of his babies I have ridden; she has the same squat in her hind end as he did, as well as the same go forward hard round motion in the front end. I can feel both Vegaz and Matoi when I ride her, and that is what makes her so special as a mare. She carries the traits of these great sires and that is why we want to breed her forward.”

When it comes to O’Reilly’s plans with CSP Gossip Girl, she says, “Affliction and CSP Gossip Girl will make a perfect match. Mamage and Vegaz together—wow! Can there be a better duo?”

Wilson agrees the cross of Affliction and CSP Gossip Girl would be a perfect match, with Affliction bringing to the table a big, bold body and long neck he acquired from the likes of Mamage, Zodiac Matador and Allience. Mix that with the motion of CSP Gossip Girl, and their bloodlines complement one another perfectly for creating amazing foals.

O’Reilly further explains this potential cross, “Bigger foals with great speed and agility and long beautiful necks. They are both beautiful and the English/park match would produce amazing trots. Not to mention the long, long lines of great breeding.” 

Able to make up for her size in grace and movement, O’Reilly refers to Gossip Girl as “small but mighty.” Wilson sees her as, “the little engine that could.” Having just won the champion title in English pleasure and reserve in park at Region 11, she has the quality and talent to win. There are plans to break her to drive in the coming years and show her more serious in park, but for now, their main focus is in breeding her.

It is clear, that O’Reilly is creating a great breeding program with some special performance horses, and CSP Gossip Girl is the perfect addition to help her program grow.