AHT's January Leader Of The Times

AHT's January Leader Of The Times

Leaders Of The Time: Beloveds Farm - The Land Created For Them
by Jenn Trickey

“Your EYES tell you what a stallion APPEARS to be. His PEDIGREE tells you what he SHOULD be. His OFFSPRING tell you WHAT HE IS.”  

Words that sum it all up for Patricia Dempsey of Beloveds Farm when describing her now 7-year-old National Champion Stallion, Beloved One NA+. From 4-months-old, when the two met, Pat knew this weanling was special. And now, just seven years later, shines a group of horses in central Florida who are living proof of that insight.

“Beau,” as he is called by family, met expectations in every part of that statement. With only his first two foal crops on the ground out of the Beloveds Farm mares, this young stallion has proven himself with Championship titles won by all five of his foals at EVERY Regional show they attended.

Since this journey’s inception, Beau and his progeny have filled the glass walls of Beloveds Farm office with garlands, ribbons and trophies; an accumulation of honors recognized by the industry’s most renowned National and International judges.

His first foals joined our world in 2016—both fillies—one grey and the other bay, both marked with the bold charisma of their father. Beloveds Earth Angel (x Magnums Angel JD+) was well named, as everything about her is heaven sent. With huge, liquid eyes, a neck that goes for miles and the cadence of a ballerina, “Angie” holds five Regional Championships to date, three of those decided unanimously.

Her stablemate, “Blessing” (Beloveds One Blessing) was born out of Rohara MarcAlyssa, by QR Marc. Her three titles were all won at the competitive Region 12 horse show, both as a yearling and a 2-year-old.

Three colts in a row graced the farm in 2017, and like their paternal sisters, made their show ring splash with tri-colored ribbons. “Mayo” (Beloveds Marc One, out of Rohara MarcAlyssa), was the first to show with a Top Five (3rd) in the extremely competitive Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, followed by a 2018 Region 12 Championship and 2019 Reserve Championship.

Mayo’s brother, Beloveds ArchAngel, aka “Dude,” a full sibling to Beloveds Earth Angel, left the arena at his first show a reserve champion, only to return to Region 15 in 2019 with the crown of Unanimous Champion Jr. Stallion.

Rounding out the 2017 foal crop of Beloved One NA+ and out of Pat Dempsey’s band of mares is another future breeding stallion. Out of Multi-National Champion Valori TRF, “BB” is short for Beloveds Behold, and behold they did! Tail curled right over his back, BB added to the show record for Beloved One Na+’s progeny list with another Unanimous Regional Championship at Region 15.

So what do you do with an incredible group of winning horses with a trophy room overflowing with prizes? Why you bring them home and love them, of course. Beau, and the entire “Beloved Family” are spread across the green pastures of Lady Lake, Florida, with a beautiful life ahead of them; all exhibiting the extreme breeding quality foreseen from the beginning.

In just four years of creation, this group of five offspring have achieved incredible success. But it’s not about the ribbons and trophies that have decorated the quality at Beloveds Farm; it’s something that goes way beyond.