AHT's January Leader Of The Times

AHT's January Leader Of The Times

Leaders Of The Times: Beloveds Farms

Beloveds Farm is a 160-acre, serene paradise with beautiful pastures and majestic trees located in Lady Lake, Florida. Boutique barns with adjacent grassy fields dot the landscape, providing all of the horses who live there with comfortable housing and abundant space for grazing and play. The tranquility of the idyllic scene is further enhanced by the sense of calm and stability that permeates the atmosphere. Regardless of how many times a visitor has passed through the gates, there is always a potent feeling of homecoming.

From this tranquil setting and peaceful upbringing, the Arabian horses of Beloveds Farm have emerged—one after the other—as confident, charismatic, consistent champions. After only five years as a contemporary breeder, the trophy room is already heavily adorned with championship saddles, plaques, garlands, trophies and other memorabilia earned at the most important shows in the world. The glass-walled sanctuary overlooks a stunning presentation ring and displays the winnings of each horse in their own section of the elegant space. It is a tangible reminder of the stunning success of the Beloveds Farm program, as measured by competition in the show ring. Several times the leading breeder of winners at the U.S. Nationals, Beloveds Farm was the 2018 Region 12 Spotlight Futurity Breeder of Distinction.

Playing a large part in that result were the offspring of Beloveds Farm’s superstar stallion, Beloved One (fondly known as Beau). He has a sterling show record including winning the unanimous 2015 Canadian National Champion Two-Year-Old Colt title. Beau was also the 2015 U.S. Reserve National Champion Junior Stallion and Reserve National Champion Two-Year-Old Colt, earning his Legion of Honor title in the process. Beau is batting 1,000 as a junior sire, with 100% of his foals earning at least a regional championship.

As their many Regional wins will attest, Beau’s offspring have consistently risen to the top of their class. Their uniformity is astonishing. As Pat acknowledges, “Your eyestell you what a stallion appearsto be. His pedigreetells you what he shouldbe. His offspringtell you what he is!”

2018 Regional Champions sired by Beau:

Beloveds Earth Angel (x Magnums Angel “Angel”)Region 12 Unanimous Champion Two-Year-Old Filly
Region 12 Unanimous Champion Spotlight Futurity Two-Year Old Filly

Beloveds One Blessing (x MarcAlyssa “Missy”)
Region 12 Unanimous Reserve Champion Two-Year-Old Filly
Region 12 Unanimous Reserve Champion Spotlight Futurity Two-Year Old Filly

Beloveds Marc One “Mayo” (x Missy)
Region 12 Champion Yearling Colt

Beloveds ArchAngel “Dude” (x Angel)
Region 12 Reserve Champion Sweepstakes Yearling Colt

Beloveds Behold “BB” (x Valori)
Region 15 Unanimous Champion Yearling Colt

As the new year blossoms, all of the mares of Beloveds Farm are enjoying the comforts of home and a well-earned hiatus from the spotlight. Among them are homebred Beloved Gracious Lady (Gracie) and her stablemate Om El Erodite (Mikers). Gracie followed up her 2017 Paris World Championship honors (Class Winner Junior Mares; Best Movement Female [only score of six perfect 20’s], Reserve Junior Mare) with the 2018 Arabian Breeders World Cup (ABWC) Three-Year-Old Mare title in Las Vegas, earning 783 points—the second highest score of the show—along with the High Score for Movement.

Gracie’s best friend, Mikers, was the 2017 Bronze World Champion Yearling Filly in Paris and winner of the Most Beautiful Head award. In Las Vegas, Mikers posted the High Score of the Show, 785.5 points, claiming the Two-Year-Old Filly Championship and the High Score for Head and Type. Mikers was ultimately named the 2018 ABWC Supreme Gold Champion Junior Mare. While such success will never be taken for granted, for now the girls are content to luxuriate in the comforts of home.