AHT's February Leader Of The Times

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AHT's February Leader Of The Times

Leaders Of The Times: Jerland Farm

“Khonsistency” is King at Jerland Farms

  • Structural beauty
  • Intelligence
  • Athletic ability

 The Jerland Farms program is producing all of the above – khonsistently. And Larry Jerome wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t want to sacrifice any of the above. I want the Jerland Farms’ breeding program to produce horses will all of those characteristics, because they are all equally important,” he says.

Although Jerland Farms, Barron, WI, was established more than 50 years ago, it’s only been in the past 20 years that Larry has had the time to completely focus on the breeding program. “For the first 35 years I was concentrating on running a large farm and raising seven kids. Now I’m able to devote a lot more time to breeding horses, dogs and cattle.”

While Larry has ridden and been involved with horses since he was a child, and had many early successes with such well-known Arabians as LH Garcia, Estoria, Ibn Garcia and Simply Irresistable, his real dream was to create champions from his own breeding program. “I’ve always been fascinated by genetics and grew up in the turkey farming industry so was immersed in that field from an early age,” he says. “No matter what the species – I loved it.”

Studying and learning about various pedigrees eventually led Larry to purchase what would become one of the pillars of his Arabian breeding program – the highly decorated MPA Giovanni. As a sire, MPA Giovanni has been outstanding, producing many successful halter and performance horses. But what Larry is most excited about is what the Giovanni mares are producing, including the stunning mare Blue Moon. “The Giovanni mares have proven to be excellent broodmares,” he says. “They consistently deliver on the three most important things – structural beauty, athleticism and intelligence.”

In 2007, Larry added Khadraj NA (Ponomarev x Khatreena NA) and the stallion hasn’t disappointed. During the last decade he has consistently produced offspring that meet all of Larry’s requirements – athletic, structurally beautiful and intelligent. His get have earned title after title, and Khadraj NA is currently the leading producer of western pleasure champions in the world. The stallion’s get have also been successful in the halter and hunter pleasure arenas.

“It is really thrilling to see the kind of consistency that Khadraj is producing. His babies are proving to be very successful in the show ring,” says Larry. “As a breeder you have to stick to your vision – and it’s gratifying to see that other people are starting to share that vision.”

There are far too many success stories to name – but just a few include Khandy Khane J, Khrave J and Kharried Away J, all winners on the national level, some with trainers and others with their amateur owners. Then there is Khaja J, the farm’s junior stallion, sire of Anadalay J, Kola J and Gin J. Of Kola J, Larry says he might be the best stallion the farm has ever been home to. “Kola J is going to be something really special,” he says. “To have three generations of stallions and their get doing so well, maturing so beautifully and then going on to sire great babies is really the culmination of decades of decision-making. I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this group of horses.”

“A lot of people want instant gratification and don’t want to take their time,” he adds. “It takes time to create something worth preserving and it takes time for some of these horses to mature.”

Larry is committed to continuing to build the Jerland legacy, one foal at a time. “I hope people like what I’m doing. I hope they like my horses,” he says. “But if they don’t, that’s okay, because I like my horses. I know I sound like a broken record, but they are all consistently athletic, structurally beautiful and intelligent. And that’s what I’m striving for.”