AHT's December Leader Of The Times

AHT's December Leader Of The Times

December Leaders Of The Times: *El Tino

Whether intentional or not, *El Tino’s breeder couldn’t have chosen a better name. Translated to mean, good judgement, he was paired, at the time, to the fairly unproven sire, DA Valentino, and unknown dam, Imprimista CF. Born 13th in his 2nd foal crop and currently the 2nd oldest producing sire from DA Valentino, *El Tino is the only sire of this cross (Imprimista CF passed away several months after his birth).

After his exportation to South America and 2014 Brazilian National Champion Stallion title, *El Tino returned to the U.S. and stands at Cindy McGown and Mark Davis’ Royal Arabians. When asked what makes him stand out, Royal’s Manager of Sales and Marketing, Travis Rice, shares, “*El Tino is unique and brings a lot to the table in a multitude of ways, from producing extreme refinement and an amazing show horse attitude to overall Arabian type that we desire so highly. What he brings that is different is his overall personality which he contributes consistently to his offspring. All of his children are kind, generous souls with beautiful eyes that you just get lost in.”

Certainly, he is accomplishing what all stallion owners dream of, becoming a household name for propelling the breed to a higher standard. And Rice avers, “*El Tino is doing that and in a powerful way.”

Familiar show champion progeny of *El Tino to name a few, include Brazilian National, Las Vegas World Cup, Breeder Finals and Scottsdale International Champion Junior Stallion *Royal Asad, Brazilian National Champion Young Colt *Razeer Serondella, Brazilian National Champion Young Filly *Latifa MAM, and Brazilian National and Scottsdale Champion Filly *Rhadashah Arabco. “They represent Arabian type as in the definition of what Arabian type should be,” says Rice. “They are all beautiful silhouette horses with extreme attitudes and tiny, delicate, beautiful faces.”

It is his consistency in passing on large eyes, tiny muzzles and extreme expression, that Rice believes has caused South American, European and Middle Eastern breeders to take notice of *El Tino and his progeny. “But most importantly,” Rice concludes, “he is producing the total horse in neck and shoulder, body and topline, with great movement … horses that can compete universally on any system.”

So, what does the future hold for *El Tino? His story has just begun but is so far filled with proven results and good judgement.