AHT's August Leader Of The Times

AHT's August Leader Of The Times

August Leaders of The Times: Boisvert Farms’ GSF Rizing Son

Purchased in 2009 as a yearling, Boisvert Farms in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, early on recognized the potential of the chestnut colt, GSF Rizing Son. “He looked special when we initially saw him,” shared Amanda Purdin-Standish. “He was extremely well balanced, carried exceptional type and had an extraordinary, upright neck with excessive athleticism. His attitude though, is what really sealed the deal!”

And these characteristics that attracted the Purdins to him in the first place, “Tommy” passes on. With the blood of 6-time National English and Park Champion Apollopalooza running through him, “He is the perfect choice for the English and country division because of his extremely willing attitude and conformational correctness, which makes his babies very easy to train,” says Purdin-Standish. “His babies are all quick to learn their discipline and are exceptional show horses.”

Having successfully bred multiple champion-winning progeny in the last eight years, including the Boisvert-bred Jean Laffitte BF (2019 U.S. National Champion Half-Arabian Country English Pleasure Futurity), Rizing Stock BF (7-time National Champion and Reserve Half-Arabian Country English and Driving), and Money Talks BF (multi-National Champion Half-Arabian Country Pleasure horse), Rizing Son is currently living life as a stallion at the farm. Along with breeding, this Breeders Sweepstakes nominated and AEPA Enrolled Stallion enjoys spending most of his time in his paddock eating grass and loving life, exhibiting what they love him most for, his personality and extremely sweet and playful nature.

When asked if Boisvert Farms has any upcoming talent to watch out for, Purdin-Standish responds with a resounding, “Always!”

“Boisvert Farms continues to breed exceptional English pleasure Arabians and Half-Arabians. In the next few years, we will start babies from Barcelona BF in training. We look forward to seeing all the babies from Boisvert Farms progress and enhance other Arabian horse owners’ lives.”