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AHT’s October Leader Of The Times

Kahil Al Shaqab: The Contemporary Icon

 Whether Kahil Al Shaqab steps out into the barn aisle, or erupts into the show ring, he demands the undivided attention of every onlooker. Tall and extremely elegant, he is a melodious balance of strength and classic Arabian type, an icon of the contemporary Arabian. Foaled in 2008, the dynamic bay has it all … near-perfect phenotype and the ability to both reproduce and even out produce himself in creating the next generation for Al Shaqab – a member of the Qatar Foundation.

Named both 2011 Gold World Champion Junior Colt and 2014 Gold World Champion Stallion, Kahil Al Shaqab has also already achieved the remarkable feat of siring at least one World Champion each of the last three years, against the finest competitors on the planet. They include his gorgeous son Morion, the 2015 Gold World Champion Junior Stallion and his breathtaking daughter Pustynia Kahila, the 2014 Gold World Champion Yearling Filly. Those triumphs endorsed the prior selection of Kahil’s daughter Minwah as 2013 Gold World Champion Yearling Filly.

Kahil Al Shaqab breeds true to his heritage, which extends back through the studbooks of many nations including Brazil and the U.S., Egypt and Poland, Russia and England, all the way to the original desert horses first developed centuries ago by the Bedouins of Arabia and the Middle East. With a powerful family dynasty reminiscent of those found at the State Stud Farms in Poland, the maternal side of Kahil Al Shaqab’s pedigree has the genetic power to balance the nearly overwhelming quality of the influential Gazal Al Shaqab male line. Kahil Al Shaqab has seven crosses to Bask, including the jet-black Bask daughter Balaquina through her black daughter OFW Balarina on his maternal dam line.

Kahil Al Shaqab has been standing with David Boggs at Midwest Training Centre in Scottsdale, Ariz., for the last two breeding seasons. His incredible show record and his emergence as a significant sire of champions have stimulated tremendous interest in him from American breeders, as well as from entities existing all over the globe. Kahil Al Shaqab’s rare ability to completely captivate an audience is due in large part to his spirited presence. His classic silhouette and fiery nature are tempered by his abundant intelligence and joy of life. His energy infects every audience, who in turn support him with exuberant enthusiasm.

Such was the case when David Boggs led Kahil Al Shaqab to the 2016 Scottsdale Grand Champion Stallion title in his long-awaited American show ring debut last February. With one of the longest and most significant histories of any Arabian horse show in the world, earning that title is a goal achieved only by the very best. And that is exactly what Kahil Al Shaqab is … the best, a stallion for posterity, a burgeoning legend in his own time, an icon for the contemporary Arabian.