Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.9, Issue #4

Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.9, Issue #4

Cover Story: El Tino

Even before the international breeding phenomenon El Tino returned to his homeland, there was an electric current of excitement. Born in the United States in 2007, El Tino (DA Valentino x Imprimista CF, by Bey Imprimis/Bey Shah), was exported to Brazil the following year. There he was named Brazilian National Champion Junior Colt and Champion Stallion. El Tino’s show ring success brought him the attention of Brazilian breeders who welcomed him with open arms as he was among the first offspring of multi-National Champion Stallion DA Valentino imported to South America.

El Tino soon made a name for himself as a sire of exceptional foals with extreme type, incredible necks and shoulders, correct conformation, and the charismatic character of champions. They are natural born competitors – it’s in their blood. El Tino’s foals began dominating Brazilian show rings. In fact, for the past three years, El Tino earned the title of “Best Sire” at the Brazilian National Championships. He was also named “Best Sire” at the prestigious Brazilian Breeders Cup for two consecutive years.

In the fall of 2018, El Tino arrived at Royal Arabians, owned by Cindy McGown and Mark Davis of Scottsdale, AZ. Master horseman Rodolfo Guzzo, head of the halter division of Royal Arabians, has had the honor of showing many of El Tino’s best offspring. In the fall of 2017, he showed Royal Asad (El Tino x Lumiar Ethna, by RFI Maktub), to the title of Arabian National Breeder Finals Gold Junior Champion Colt. A few months later, Guzzo showed him to the title of Scottsdale Arabian Breeders International Gold Champion Junior Male. Guzzo also showed the El Tino son, Razeer Serondella, to the title of 2018 Brazilian National Gold Champion Junior Colt; and at the 2019 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, showed RhadashahArabco (El Tino x Yasmin HWM, by Legacy of Fame), to the title of Arabian Champion 2-Year-Old Filly of Jan. 1-April 15 for Royal Arabians. Rhadashah Arabco was already named Brazilian National Champion, twice.

El Tino is owned by Luciana Fasano’s Fazenda Floresta in Brazil and stands at Royal Arabians. When Luciana heard of the opportunity, she knew it was the right time to acquire El Tino. She acted decisively, just as she has done with all her stallions. Now he is in the experienced hands of this special woman who has proven her tremendous eye for potential and her ability to make champions around the world.

The team’s goal is to provide El Tino with every opportunity to expand his profound contributions to the breed. Throughout the Scottsdale show, he and a first-class string of his yearling offspring were presented at numerous private showings at Royal Arabians. Witnesses are in awe of his beauty, symmetry, charisma, and abilities as a sire. The El Tino excitement is spreading from coast to coast in America and to the top breeding farms and training facilities throughout Europe and the Middle East.

When asked about peoples’ response to El Tino, Rodolfo Guzzo shares, “It is an honor to stand El Tino for our dear friend, Luciana Fasano. She is a deeply passionate breeder. We are blown away by the support from breeders here in America, Europe and the Middle East. El Tino is certified for shipping to these areas, Australia, and of course, South America. We’re happy to be working with his European representatives, Tom and Glenn Schoukens of Schoukens Training Center in Belgium. This is just the beginning for El Tino, and we are sure he will become one of the top sires of all time.”