Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.7, Issue #1

Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.7, Issue #1

Cover Story: Al Nayfat Stud

“The horse is God’s gift to mankind.”—Ancient Arabian Proverb

Al Nayfat Stud is a spectacular creation born from Saudi Arabia’s enduring love of the Arabian horse. This deep-rooted passion that is centuries old, still flows through the veins of many a man and has been brought into modern times with the aim to breed the ultimate Arabian horse—horses of perfect stature, displaying perfect conformation, refined but strong, and embodying elegance and breathtaking beauty; horses hailing from various lines of champions from Royal bloodlines and descendants of genetic giants … this is Al Nayfat Stud.

This passion to create the ultimate Arabian stud started with the search for foundation mares; mares of the highest quality, descendants from old blood to cross with carefully chosen stallions to produce the next generation of champions. 

Names such as the immortal Bey Shah, Padron, Padrons Psyche, Magnum Psyche, El Shaklan, Bask, Ali Jamaal and DA Valentino, are highly visible throughout these impeccable pedigrees and as the old adage says, “A good mare is the most important foundation for a good horse.”

The stallions to date have been carefully chosen based on conformation, beauty and pedigree. Al Nayfat Stud Manager Heather Webb stands resolute in her unwavering belief that a horse must have a “leg in each corner” and be “suitable for riding too.” No hoof, no horse. 

The undefeated Champion *SM Azraff is such an example. Born from the greatest of royal Arabian blood, this magnificent son of Farra Al Shaqab (Marwan Al Shaqab) and out of the champion producing mare LC Psychesfinesse (Padrons Psyche), is the closest to Arabian perfection a stallion can be by embodying the legends of his Royal Heritage.

*SM Azraff has now produced his first crop of babies in 2018 and has stamped his mark with incredible style. He has fathered champions in-the-making and with carefully chosen mares, he will make sure that his name becomes synonymous with breeding future champions worldwide.

The young stallion Veyron ORA is another such glorious example. Sired by the five-time National and Multi-Champion Vitorio TO (DA Valentino) and out of the stunning Scottsdale, U.S. and Canadian National Champion Mare Luxemere Jizette (KM Bugatti), he has already amassed many championship titles and at such a tender age. 

Rarely do you come across a young Arabian stallion of such stature and grace. He is another descendant of Royal Arabian bloodlines of past champions, punctuated by numerous national and international champions from around the globe. Veyron ORA is a stallion who will leave hoofprints in the sands of time and whose presence graces all who behold his exquisite beauty.

Al Nayfat Stud has stepped out onto the international stage with great success and with worldwide admiration, already accumulating many championship titles in their first year. In 2019, they will endeavor to compete on the European circuit with as much gusto and success as they have had in America.

Heather Webb and her supporters from Saudi Arabia, coupled with the expertise of David Boggs and the team from Midwest Arabians, are proving to be a formidable force in today’s highly competitive and demanding equine discipline of producing the best in the world.

It is with great honor and respect for the majestic Arabian horse that Al Nayfat Stud moves forward into 2019 with an exciting approach into the world of breeding and showing champions to share around the globe.