Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.4A Issue #9

Cover Story - Vol. 49, No.4A Issue #9

Cover Story: Affliction

There is something so special about an Arabian black stallion, and Affliction (Mamage x PSI Love U) had that special spark. Born at Lowe Show Horse Centre, Nancy O’Reilly, the face of Amazing Horse Woman LLC, was instantly in awe when she first set eyes upon the 2013 stallion, purchasing him in 2016.

O’Reilly was drawn to Affliction for his beauty and the way he moves, as if he is floating on air. The stunning stallion made his way into O’Reilly’s heart for his personality, one of the reasons he is so special to her, and one of her favorite qualities about him. “Just being with him is like being with a kid who does not have a clue how special he is,” she shares. “He is what he is. Adorable.” 

Over the years, O’Reilly has built herself a small empire of horses from within the Arabian industry for performance and breeding. Within her breeding program, she has Affliction, Life Inthe Fazt Lane, and the recently purchased purebred mare, CSP Gossip Girl. She further explained her program, “I also have two recipient mares, one being Marilyn Monroe who, I was told on good authority not to ever sell. I have yearlings, 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds that you will see soon. I am excited about them.”

When it comes to breeding Affliction, Lowe names the four best aspects about this black stallion, which include his hind end, trainability, elegance and natural stretch in body and stride. Affliction is similar to his father, the well-known stallion Mamage, and his dam’s sire, Allience, when it comes to his motion, ease of trainability and his hind end. If there was anything the English performance horses are lacking these days, Lowe believes that to be the lack of power in a horse’s hind in. With Affliction, he has the potential to bring the snappy strong hind in that has been missing.

In regard to Affliction’s trainability, Lowe says it is second to none. “A horse with a great mind and a willingness to learn is what every trainer and breeder wants in a horse,” Lowe says. “Affliction has always been well behaved since he was young and never shies away from training.”

His elegance and quality of motion are what maks Affliction the eye catcher in the show ring. Affliction has a long stretchy neck and a trot that makes him appear as if floating on air. The quality of his front and hind end do not come around every day. As a trainer and breeder, Lowe appreciates Affliction’s look, quality and pedigree; it is what he strives for in this industry, which makes Affliction such a special stallion.

O’Reilly agrees with Lowe’s breeding assessment. “It’s all in the breeding. And having a great daddy does not hurt. Mamage just had another full brother to Affliction. We all know his record. Affliction is bringing lots of smiles to horse show spectators and receiving true appreciation from other breeders. This is his first year showing. His record speaks for itself. We are all in this together to breed the next generation of amazing show horses. I am blessed to be a part of making that piece of history and helping to write the next chapter for the Arabian horse. Lucky me!”

When it comes to quality and beauty, Affliction has it all and O’Reilly is loving every second of this breeding journey and the Arabian horse industry in general. “I am truly blessed; I want the public to love horses as much as I do. I want those stands full of spectators. Horses changed my life for the better and I want others to have that feeling too.”