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AHT Paris

El Tino—Already A Legend

 Extraordinary stallions require extraordinary support, and El Tino, owned by Black Stallion, LLC, is one of those. Proven in the show ring (Brazilian National Champion) and in the barn (his progeny have won national and international championship titles in Brazil and around the world), El Tino is a very special individual who passes on his exquisite refinement, classic type, captivating charisma, and bold movement with remarkable consistency.

The acquisition of El Tino was a dream come true. And along with that dream, came a deep commitment to helping him ​ reach his destiny as a sire of historic importance, and to share his extraordinary qualities with the world. To fulfill his destiny, an unparalleled team of international professionals was created. Each member of this dedicated team, spread throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, bring their expertise and professionalism as leading breeders, top trainers, and marketing experts, to bring their plans for El Tino to fruition.

El Tino stands at Royal Arabians, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Owned by Cindy McGown and Mark Davis, they are dedicated breeders who deeply believe in El Tino and have given him 100% of their support, including having mares in foal to El Tino, and owning his fabulous son, Royal Asad, who is also a champion and sire of champions.

El Tino’s team at Royal Arabians includes internationally respected horsemen Rodolfo Guzzo, Travis Rice and Johnny Downing. “El Tino’s foals are absolutely stunning,” states Rodolfo. “There is an incredible demand for his services worldwide and it’s quickly increasing. Recently, several top El Tino progeny were purchased by breeders in the United States and Saudi Arabia where they will be wonderful representatives of their sire and no doubt, will become valuable assets to their new owners’ show and breeding programs. It’s hard to believe, but El Tino is already a grandsire. His sons and daughters are now producing the next generation of national champions. His influence is growing incredibly fast.”

Cesar Schmidt is El Tino’s South American representative. Many breeders there have used El Tino with great success for years, and with the overwhelming achievements of his breathtaking offspring at the 2019 Brazilian National Championships, the demand for him will only increase.

 Seven El Tino sons and daughters earned some of the most prestigious titles at this year’s Brazilian National Championships. Three of his sons and two of his daughters were named Brazilian National Gold Champion, and one son and one daughter earned Silver. With results like these, it was no surprise El Tino was named Brazilian National Leading Sire of Champions, as well Leading Sire of Champions at the Brazilian Breeders Cup, both for three years, making him one of the most important sires to come out of Brazil in recent years.

In Europe and the Middle East, Tom and Glenn Schoukens of Schoukens Training Center in Belgium, represent El Tino. Through their travels to the U.S., Mexico and South America, judging and evaluating horses, El Tino’s sons and daughters stood out. “El Tino stamps his offspring with his quality, type, beautiful structure and show horse charisma. Not only are they winning top honors at prestigious shows, but they’re also proving they are valuable breeding horses too.”

Next on the list of goals is to have El Tino’s semen registered and approved for Australia. With work underway, it won’t be long before that goal is achieved.

The world of Arabian horses is one of great passion. Breeders strive to create special foals able to make a lasting impact. However, when a stallion comes from such a historically influential sire line as El Tino does, the standard is so high, it seems almost impossible to equal or exceed his predecessor’s achievements.

These are only a few of the iconic sires and dams that live on through El Tino and his descendants, the likes of DA Valentino, Versace, Fame VF and Bey Shah. This litany of champions and champion producers is only a hint at the depth and value of his precious bloodlines. Among all the names in El Tino’s pedigree are even more legends of the breed. Now, with the support of his appointed advocates and the divine hand that guides us all, the great El Tino is taking his rightful place with his ancestors, because he too, is already a legend.