Arabian Horse Times

Fashion do's and dont's

Melissa Holmes – Show Season

by Channing Turner

Fashion Trends

            A current fashion trend that Melissa approves of is the mixing of suit and day coat fabrics. There are many options to choose from and they are a lot of fun to pick out.

Though there is not a specific trend that Melissa was glad to see go, she does not think fashion trends ever truly go away. When something goes out of style, it eventually comes back.

Continuing our series on horse show fashion, Arabian Horse Times spoke with Melissa Holmes at Show Season. Specializing in English, Hunt Seat and Western show apparel, we asked her about some of her fashion do’s and don’ts regarding Saddle Seat attire.


The Do’s and Don’ts

            Something that can make an exhibitor stand out in a good way is having a well fitted suit. This means pants or jods, and a coat that fits well. Another important tip is to clean your suit. Making sure your clothes are fitted and clean are easy ways to look good in the show ring.

            Both suits and day coats are applicable; it all depends on the rider and horse combination and what would look best.

When picking out fabrics for a suit/vest/tie combination, Melissa’s advises to remember you are showing in a large arena and fabrics often look different from a distance. It is important to make sure the color you pick looks good on you and your horse.

Her horse show attire pet peeve is feathers in gill hats. “Don’t do it!”

            And a final piece of advice for exhibitors regarding show fashion is if you are wearing something you like, you will automatically feel more confident. “After all, getting dressed is half the fun!”


            Stay tuned with Arabian Horse Times for more on horse show fashion Do’s and Don’ts.